Monday, November 19, 2018

Three Broody Serama Hens have chicks

I had three serama hens go broody a week ago. I had eggs in the incubator ready to hatch. I snuck the eggs under these hens several hours before hatch time. The hens are all happy monthers because they think it only took a week to hatch them


3 Responses to “Three Broody Serama Hens have chicks”
  1. followmetotheriot says:

    Thats great they all got to be mommas. That was really nice of you to help them out like that. What about the ones under the light with no momma?

  2. Playboyrudi1 says:

    Hi, I stay in South africa and cant find serama bantams anywhere over here…. cant someone please assist me?? e mail me at

  3. 1tgyji3 says:

    This is cool. I wished my bantam went broody. She layed 12 eggs already and doesn’t seem to want to be broody.