Thursday, November 15, 2018

How To Raise Chickens – Mother/Broody Hens and Chick

“More info at …” Lucky and Mother Matilda sharing a nest and my ever broody Mottled Cochin.

Will a chicken raise a duckling?

This is what happened when we tried to introduce day-old ducklings to our broody hen, in the hopes that she would be their surrogate mother.

How To Raise Chickens DVD Regarding Chickens

This is an incomplete overview of the Chicken Video, DVD Regarding Chickens, a complete guide to incubation, hatching, rearing, housing and free ranging backyard chickens. Visit to purchase your own copy.

How to Raise Baby Chicks : How to Select Chicken Eggs for Incubation

Learn how to select chicken eggs for incubation in this free video on farm animal care. Expert: Dr. TK Roy Bio: Dr. TK Roy, the past principal director of animal husbandry in the government of West Bengal, is a graduate in veterinary science.

Help To Raise Reptile Eggs With Incubators

Help To Raise Reptile Eggs With Incubators Normally when we think about what kind of pet we desire to use we think about purchasing either a cat or dog. But when it comes to our youngsters they ordinarily have other things in mind. Most kids now want something more exotic and different like a rat, […]