Monday, November 19, 2018

Pokémon Blaze Black Egglocke – HATCHING EGGS:D

25 likes for this episode? QOTD: Did you see your egg and what was its name? Thank you all SO MUCH for your support throughout the duration of this series. You guys stuck by me through this…

Pokemon alpha sapphire/omega ruby easy hatching eggs

I think I’m the first one to figure this out but at the battle resourt in alpha sapphire and omega ruby you can hold up on the d-pad for literally hours and …

Hatching eggs Pokemon black 2 pt2

Not mudkip:DD.

Pokémon D/P Hatching Eggs

PLEASE READ THE DISCRIPTION BEFORE WATCHING! MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE! =D ALL NEGATIVE COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED! Okay, I made this video for people that don’t know much about hatching eggs. In this video, I’ll demostrate how to hatch eggs faster then normal. First of all it’s obvious you need an egg. You can find […]