Thursday, November 15, 2018

Candling Our Pekin Duck Eggs Day 13

This is the 13th day on our duck eggs. Our silkie hen is sitting on them now. We started with 4 are now down to 3. From the video it appears the first egg may have a blood ring, I’m still not positive as I can’t see it clearly…but there is no movement in this […]

Pekin Duck Hatching

A friend held the egg so I could record this Pekin duck hatching from its egg. (February 2007) I get a lot of questions in the comments from people who want to raise ducks, which I’m always happy to answer. However, if you visit you will find a lot of information that is very […]

Pekin Duck Incubation Candling – Day 29!

This is one of our pekin duck eggs that we candled today which is day 29. They are hard at work pecking their way out. Can hear and see pecking. Best part: if you listen closely you can hear it peeping.

Pekin duck egg, Fertile, 9 days old

Pekin Duck Egg Inubation Day 14 – 2

Video 2 of the duck egg incubation on day 14. Can see the embryo better in this one.

Pekin Duck Egg Incubation Day 10

Candling a pekin duck egg on day 10 of incubation. A lot of movement.

Pekin Duck Egg Incubation – Day 8 Swimming!

When I candled the eggs yesterday, the 8th day they have been in the incubator, they were really starting to move around everywhere. The dark spot is the eyeball and if you watch close, you can see them swimming around in there.

Pekin Duck Egg Incubation Candling Day 17!

This is one of our pekin duck eggs that we are incubating. In the video you can see me candling the egg at day 17. It is getting really big in there and is kicking and jumping around. They will be hatching in 11 days! I’ll keep posting videos every few days until after they […]