Thursday, November 15, 2018

Candling Our Pekin Duck Eggs Day 13

This is the 13th day on our duck eggs. Our silkie hen is sitting on them now. We started with 4 are now down to 3. From the video it appears the first egg may have a blood ring, I’m still not positive as I can’t see it clearly…but there is no movement in this […]

Duck Egg Candling at 22 days

Broody Guinea hens

My friend, Kathy, sent me this video of her broody Guinea hens after she went into the video them and see if she could get a count on the eggs.

THE MINI DOME INCUBATOR- Duck egg candling- Day 11

the duck is alive

Guide to Fertile Quail Hatching Eggs

$content$ Go here to read the rest: Guide to Fertile Quail Hatching Eggs

Pekin Duck Egg Incubation Candling Day 17!

This is one of our pekin duck eggs that we are incubating. In the video you can see me candling the egg at day 17. It is getting really big in there and is kicking and jumping around. They will be hatching in 11 days! I’ll keep posting videos every few days until after they […]

Buying peacock hatching eggs #21

This is our commercial to you about purchasing our peahen eggs. Hatching eggs are available starting April through August. Purchase your eggs early so you won’t be disappointed. For more information contact or e-mail

Helping A Baby Chick Hatch Out Of The Egg We recently hatched baby chicks & had 1 get stuck in the shell. It pipped a hole & couldn’t seem to get started zipping the top of the egg off. This video shows how I helped.

baby chick

A hatching chick


Hawk Creek Wildlife Center’s breeding project. Time elapsed barn owl egg hatching.

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