Thursday, November 15, 2018

Candling on day 18 and Chicks hatching in Little Giant Incubator

The fan breaks. Boo. But luckily a fan is not necessary for chicks to hatch. Hatch rate was kind of low at 64.8%. Especially considering the Brinsea hatch was 100%. Interestingly enough, more chicks hatched out in the LG than the Brinsea because of its higher egg capacity. Still, I recommend the Brinsea. Its no […]

Brood-effect with a little chick

Konrad Lorenz-part 2. Brood-hen-effect with my little chick, mister fat chick. He goes to sleep whenerv he feels the warm hand and the hand’s pressure.

Nosey Little Wotsits

Little Chickie Hatching at the Bartz’s

Hatching Baby Chick! The kids love it.

TH: Hatching Chick gives K-82 little rest!

K-82 can’t get comfortable as her chick tries to get out of his/her shell. To find out more about the Restoration Project on Channel Islands off California go to