Thursday, November 15, 2018

Duck Eggs in Homemade Incubator

These are my Khaki Campbell duck eggs in my homemade incubator. 9 of these eggs ended up hatching healthy chicks. *During incubation, duck eggs should be kept between 99- 100 degrees F (37-38 C) and at a humidity between 50%-65%. Incubation time is 26 – 28 days.

Home Chicken Egg Incubation Project Day 4 – How To Make An Inexpensive Incubator

This is day 4 of our home chicken egg incubation project. This is our second year of hatching chicken eggs at home. The incubator was made with a styrofoam ice chest/cooler and a light bulb. You can follow our progress at

First Chicks Hatch in my Homemade Incubator

In the morning of October 24th, 2009, I found my first chicks!!! I made this incubator out of a cooler. 8 out of 11 eggs hatched!!! Date Taken: 10/24/09

Matilda, my homemade incubator for hatching eggs.

Just showing how I made this incubator and materials I used to make a cheap egg incubator. Cost was less than $50. Of course most of the cost was for the fan and thermostat. If you can recycle a fan from an old computer then you can save some money but I didn’t have an […]

Homemade Incubator Using a Velleman Thermostat Kit

Make a Homemade Incubator using a velleman thermostat Kit,this is a fairly simple Homemade incubator to construct,its temperature is controlled by a velleman thermostat kit