Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mummy and her chick

Ivy with her 2 day old chick


A machine, creating new life, prepares its offspring for the future

Chickens Hatching

Short five minute video of four eggs hatching into chickens.

baby cockatiel mins old

more of baby cockatiel , listen carefully you can hear it’s first peeps out of the shell

Eggs Hatching – Chick No. 2

The second of my 3 eggs to hatch in September

hatching chick plus first days

chick in the egg and mother hen with her chicks awwww so sweet xx

Eggs Hatching – Chick No. 1

The first of my 3 eggs hatch in September

Hatching Bantam Eggs in a Diy Egg Incubator

Hatching Bantam eggs in a diy egg incubator is a fairly simple process,before you start hatching bantam eggs you need to get your diy egg incubator ready,this involves making sure it is clean and is set at the correct temperature for hatching bantam eggs which is 101 degrees fahrenheit,also add a small bowl of water […]