Thursday, November 15, 2018


my female roune hen has got broody this is the 4th time she has the is not the first cluch. i have 3 rounes 2 hens ad 1 drake and the last one is a pekin hen. the male mates with all of them.the mix breeds are really cool looking they are 4 years old […]

The Four Ducks with their new pool

The Ducklings are 3 weeks old now, and have enough feathers to allow them to play in the pool. Ducks use up a lot of water during the day; for drinking, eating and cleaning. This pool was first used to brood the 4 ducks and 25 chickens. Now it is used as a pool for […]

Our growing ducks and chicks

My how they’ve grown. 4 and 5 weeks old they got the boot from my house. The basement is dirty and smelly. Never again will I brood them in the house. Later I found out the dust from the chicks is called fecal dust. YUK! Never again in the house.

New Born Baby Ducks

New Born baby duck, they hatched that morning. they were only hours old. They are orphans. There mom was killed. A chicken incubated them.

Incubator Maker ~ Hatch Chicken, Quail, Ducks & More

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Chickens and ducks in the garden

Our Chickens and ducks

Even Ducks Get High in Amsterdam

A duck laid her eggs on our 4th floor balcony – and they’ve just hatched! Have a look.