Thursday, November 15, 2018

Ducklings I am selling

These are the ducklings I have for sale, I have only one of the brown with racing stripes on her eyes, and I have 3 so far of the yellow one with the dark tail and dark undercoat, and I have 4 so far of the black, no wait I have 2 more that think […]

Wood Duck Fight!! Eggs hatch! Ducklings jump!

In May 2009, 2 wood ducks fighting after laying eggs in the same box. The winner incubates the eggs resulting in 17 of the 22 ducklings hatching and jumping.

Baltimore City Ducklings

Our Orpington hen got broody (meaning she kept sitting on her eggs) so we decided to hatch fertilized duck eggs with her!) Here’s a short video of the ducklings one day after they were born.

Ducklings exploring the garden

3 weeks on and the ducklings are getting huge. Mom hen is still looking after them and brooding them at night in their box but they love doing their own thing and don’t take much notice of her.


Sorry for the dark video but with the red light on you cant see at all. I promise to make another video to show you as soon as I move them to a new brooder. I don’t recommend a cardboard box to brood your ducklings. It gets wet, leaks out, and smells bad fast, really […]


Here are the first naturally hatched ducklings on this farm. betty the hen went broody and was sitting on some hens eggs, I took the eggs away and replaced them with 5 duck eggs.Betty moved her nest and left 1 egg behind, i candled it and it was infertile,. Betty hatched her ducklings on Fathers […]