Thursday, November 15, 2018

First duckling hatched

Our first incubation

Sleepy One Day Old Duckling

Mrs. Desmond’s classes incubated eggs in her classroom. It takes four weeks for a duckling to develop long enough to hatch from the egg. The duckling hatched out of his egg yesterday, dried off overnight, and his feathery down has fluffed up. Now the kids were able to hold the adorable little duckling ~ he […]

Newly Hatched Duckling With Its Mom

My Pekin duck, Dorothy, spent her July sitting on four eggs she had laid. This is the first hatchling not long after emerging from its shell.

BB (Baby B) the duckling

This is BB chillin in the Brooding pad This duck constantly chirps! but its worth every sleepless night!

Will a chicken raise a duckling?

This is what happened when we tried to introduce day-old ducklings to our broody hen, in the hopes that she would be their surrogate mother.