Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Momma Duck and her brood

Momma Duck and her brood

candling duck eggs at 7 days

Here we show 4 duck eggs being candled. Clearly show 3 fertile eggs and 1 infertile egg. Started with 15 eggs–at day 7 we now have 13.

Duck Egg Candling at 22 days

Duck hatching eggs near Hyde Park lake, London *HQ*

I filmed this video in Hyde Park yesterday afternoon. Its about a duck hatching eggs near Hyde Park lake, London Hyde park –

Broody Duck

This is what happens when you don’t respect the nest…

Candling 2 duck eggs removed from incubator

Here are the two ducks eggs that have been removed from the incubator. You can clearly see the results while candling the eggs. 1 egg is infertile and the other has died showing a blood ring.

Broody duck and small update

My duck goes broody the day I give them away lol lol lol.

Bambi the broody duck

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Pekin Duck Hatching

A friend held the egg so I could record this Pekin duck hatching from its egg. (February 2007) I get a lot of questions in the comments from people who want to raise ducks, which I’m always happy to answer. However, if you visit you will find a lot of information that is very […]

duck & chickling.wmv

Orphaned duckling getting to know mama silkie & co. The first day of a wild mallards life under the feathers of a very broody hen 🙂

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