Thursday, November 15, 2018

Candling Chick at 9 days of incubation

candling duck eggs at 7 days

Here we show 4 duck eggs being candled. Clearly show 3 fertile eggs and 1 infertile egg. Started with 15 eggs–at day 7 we now have 13.

Duck Egg Candling at 22 days

Pekin duck egg, Fertile, 9 days old

incubating duck egg at 16 days

This is our lone, live egg. After 7 others were either not fertile or died in the early stages of incubation, this is the survivor. It get’s very active at about the 50 second mark. It should hatch at about 28 days.

hatching chick plus first days

chick in the egg and mother hen with her chicks awwww so sweet xx