Thursday, November 15, 2018

Yolky’s Chicks & Fertile Hatching Eggs (La Bresse Chicks) Yolky’s Chicks & Fertile Hatching Eggs. Breeders of La Bresse Gauloise Rare Chickens.

Auto Sexing Cream Legbar Fertile Hatching Eggs or Chicks

Auto Sexing Cream Legbar Fertile Hatching Eggs or Chicks (6 eggs) I have 1 hens approximately 12 months old running with 1 unrelated Cockrel approximately 14…

The Monsta Bator Home Made Incubator Chicks Hatching Prt 1 5-25-2010

We had a request from our friends in the BYC community to make a video of the hatch on 5-25-2010… We did the best that we could! Here it is in 3 parts… W…

Chicken Eggs Hatching Results in Brood of Chicks or Baby Chickens

When chicken eggs are hatching with others chicks or baby chickens, it creates a community known as the brood of the mother hens. Very cute little poultry wi…

Broody chicks

2 of our hens very broody

Our Euskal Oiloa (Basque hen) Chicks Hatching

1 egg hatching- sped up 4x – 8min to 2 min

New Chicks

Eggs mailed from NC to WI and incubated here at Roc4k. Thanks Kathleen at GreenFamilyFarms

New Chicks Adopted

Filmed four days after “New Chicks Incubated”

Baby Chicks ’07

One of our hens went broody and collected a motley bunch of eggs to hatch. No human intervention required…

Bantams Chicks – New Arrangement (24 Oct 2010)

Two of the banties are laying, two are not, which in itself was not a problem until Shar went broody! She wouldn’t let anyone else in the box, and egg production ceased since Shar was busy incubating her invisible eggs and no one else could get in there to relax. Hence, a new arrangement formed […]

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