Monday, November 19, 2018

Chicken Egg Hatches In Incubator (Realtime)

This was a school project and the egg hatched while the camera was rolling! This particular bird is still happily pecking away at one of the school kids’ houses, along with a number of other class project chickens. Apparently, there are lots of people who don’t want to see them go from classroom pet to […]

Helping A Baby Chick Hatch Out Of The Egg We recently hatched baby chicks & had 1 get stuck in the shell. It pipped a hole & couldn’t seem to get started zipping the top of the egg off. This video shows how I helped.


Orpington chick hatching. This was one of 4 and returned to her surrogate mother soon after hatching so as to keep warm and to bond with her. The video was shot every 30 secs with a 2 sec filming duration – hence the sudden movements at the end. See how the chicks turned out and […]

hatching chick plus first days

chick in the egg and mother hen with her chicks awwww so sweet xx

First Hatch

The first of 13 baby chicks to hatch from the first full run of my home-built incubator. This one is a Rhode Island Red.