Thursday, November 15, 2018

Chicken Eggs Hatching Results in Brood of Chicks or Baby Chickens

When chicken eggs are hatching with others chicks or baby chickens, it creates a community known as the brood of the mother hens. Very cute little poultry wi…

Hatching chickens in Minecraft

Just testing out the new egg throwing mechanic. Eggs don’t deal real damage apparently. If they do damage then it’ll take more than 180 eggs most likely. Fraps made the game take for ever to load sorry about that :[

Skylar’s Incubated Chicken’s

Baby chix 6/22/11

Chickens: Hatched and Raised in New York City

Fifteen hens made the trip from the Queens County Farm Museum to the South Bronx on Monday to take up roosts in a volunteer-built coop in Brook Park. These chickens were part of a program at the farm that allows city school kids to incubate eggs and watch them hatch.

Brooding Chickens

hatch out chickens – 3, gmlee2902

artificial incubation

Chickens: Day 36

The girls are within a week of being coop-ready, we think. Nighttime temps will help us decide. All are friendly and will climb onto our finger perches for a walk to visit the neighbors! We do need to keep an eye out for Pippi, the neighborhood Jack Russell terrier, though. She has her own idea […]

How To Raise Chickens – Mother/Broody Hens and Chick

“More info at …” Lucky and Mother Matilda sharing a nest and my ever broody Mottled Cochin.

Chickens and ducks in the garden

Our Chickens and ducks

How To Raise Chickens DVD Regarding Chickens

This is an incomplete overview of the Chicken Video, DVD Regarding Chickens, a complete guide to incubation, hatching, rearing, housing and free ranging backyard chickens. Visit to purchase your own copy.

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