Thursday, November 15, 2018

Icelandic Chicken Hatching Eggs (Day 3) 2/11/15 Due Date

This batch of Icies is due on 2.11.15. All 12 eggs are growing healthy and rapidly. 100% fertility and growth. You can candle your eggs by using a small magl…


Thanks to Incubator Warehouse for the INCUKIT. It made building this incubator as simple as it gets.

Chicken Eggs Hatching Results in Brood of Chicks or Baby Chickens

When chicken eggs are hatching with others chicks or baby chickens, it creates a community known as the brood of the mother hens. Very cute little poultry wi…

How to pack chicken hatching eggs for shipping

This is how we pack our fertile chicken hatching eggs for shipping. We have been shipping eggs for a few years now and we have found this is the best method….

Baby Chicken

My first baby chicken. Isn’t he cute?

chicken head pop.3g2

Chicken taking offense at being video-taped while brooding.

worlds best chicken!

this is by far the world best chicknen, the pheasant egg she was sitting on, she got off her nest and stole it from the other chichen that eats them after the pheasant lays them!

Chicken Hatching Time Lapse

This is a closeup of a chicken hatching over a 1 hour time.

Chicken Adventure Begins

We have decided to begin raising chickens, and are starting with 23 chicks. We ordered the rainbow pack of hens that should give us an interesting variety of colorful eggs. We expect to learn a great deal as we go, but for now we’re just being entertained by these amusing little creatures. They were all […]

super chicken ipad Help your hero chicken to evade all obstacles and get your eggs to incubation. 4 Different Seasons – 4 Different Chickens – 4 Different Game Modes In each season you encounter different obstacles and enemies. Help your chicken adapt to its natural environment. Hurry to evade obstacles, because the wily fox can steal your […]

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