Thursday, November 15, 2018

Chick hatching 1st stage

One of our eggs that we incubated has started to hatch today, this is the first egg we have ever had hatch.

Delta 2 Mom incubating new chick 11 Apr. 2011

Delta 2 Mom incubating new chick. You can see it flapping around under Mom’s chest. I can’t tell for sure if it is competely out of the egg?? Dad is still perched on the branch to the left of the tree trunk at about the 9:30 o’clock position.


Born right on schedule. Chicken eggs hatch after 21 days in incubation. This is a group of Bantum (Banty) chicks. It’s a successful effort in learning the procedure of incubating our own eggs. This little one was hatched 9/24/11 at 11:30pm. Nature can be a beautiful experience and one we’re happy to share with you….and […]

Easter Nail Art Tutorial: The Chick & The Hatching Eggs

To see more pictures of the nail art click here: Hey sweeties! Here’s an easy nail art tutorial I came up with specifically for Easter! As you can see with most of the nails, the crackle polish does most of the work for you. I hope you guys like this tutorial! If you do, […]

Chick hatching: day 15 movement

Day 15 chicken egg embryo movement

Candling Chick at 9 days of incubation

Candling a Chick Egg at Day 16

Incubated eggs are candled to see how the growing embryos are doing. We candle by holding the egg up to a very bright light in a dark room. The light doesn’t hurt the embryo. This chicken embryo is sixteen (16) days old. When you watch the video, see if you notice: * The air sac […]

Brood-effect with a little chick

Konrad Lorenz-part 2. Brood-hen-effect with my little chick, mister fat chick. He goes to sleep whenerv he feels the warm hand and the hand’s pressure.

Baby Silkie Chick Drinking Water

SUBSCRIBE for new videos! Twitter: Google+: We had one out of four eggs hatch from our broody Silkie hen “Baby”. Here is one minute video to enjoy the fresh early moments of raising chicks 🙂

Chick Hatches!!

Our little chick now hatches. I was there with the camera to capture it 🙂

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