Monday, November 19, 2018

damper system on best hatching eggs incubator, TONK-Q hatching eggs solution

the best design hatching eggs incubator mengontrol asupan udara bersih/oksigen & gas buang mengontrol temperatur yang berlebihan

worlds best chicken!

this is by far the world best chicknen, the pheasant egg she was sitting on, she got off her nest and stole it from the other chichen that eats them after the pheasant lays them!

German Blue Rams Breeding Fry Hatching Eggs Babies Best

This is a short film about German Blue Rams Breeding. In this video you will see the tank setup, eggs laid, fry hatching, and the care of the male. visit my website at

The best small egg incubator on the market

It’s spring; let the hatching begin! Are you looking for a great egg incubator for sale at a suitable cost? The Hova Bator  is one of the most straightforward models obtainable and is ideal for beginners, hobbyists or small scale bird farmers. Not merely is the Hova a impressive incubator for chick eggs but will […]