Thursday, November 15, 2018

Baby Goose Elmo’s Hatching Diary

A documentary about how a gosling was born, from day 1 of incubation till 3 days after birth. Long footage of hatching eggs in the middle of the video. Hatch…

Chicken Eggs Hatching Results in Brood of Chicks or Baby Chickens

When chicken eggs are hatching with others chicks or baby chickens, it creates a community known as the brood of the mother hens. Very cute little poultry wi…

Baby Chicken

My first baby chicken. Isn’t he cute?

Baby Chicks ’07

One of our hens went broody and collected a motley bunch of eggs to hatch. No human intervention required…

Baby chicken SURPRISE

So today, my sister ran in saying “THERE’S A BABY CHICKEN!!” We knew one of our hens Coco was incubating some eggs, but we didn’t think they’d hatch. Surpise surprise! Monday, June 6th, at 3:04pm, little Monochrome came in to the world. He’s chirping because his mama hopped off her perch to eat. NOTE-Monochrome will […]

Baby Chicks

a brooding mothers freshly hatched chicks. watch them as they explore thier new surroundings.

my baby birds

my duck had her 2nd brood of ducks and my pigeons had babys 2

Baby Silkie Chick Drinking Water

SUBSCRIBE for new videos! Twitter: Google+: We had one out of four eggs hatch from our broody Silkie hen “Baby”. Here is one minute video to enjoy the fresh early moments of raising chicks 🙂

Clucky with baby chick

Clucky, our broody hen and surrogate mother with baby chick.

BB (Baby B) the duckling

This is BB chillin in the Brooding pad This duck constantly chirps! but its worth every sleepless night!

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