Thursday, November 15, 2018


5 Responses to “Our aylesbury duck eggs starting to hatch!!!”
  1. uksniper1 says:

    hi mate,,yeah they are great layers!,,ours lay nearly all year round,they have a slow down period as winter hits,but they still lay right through,,an we are in scotland,,so its very cold most of the year lol..
    all the best,,wayne.

  2. henryfishinandhuntin says:

    are they good layers
    do they lay all year or just spring and summer

  3. uksniper1 says:

    Hi,yep we peeled some of the shell away,as the last hatch we had a couple a chicks that died from struggling to make a hole and got too tired to get out,so we helped these a bit by making a easier way out,but avoid doing it if you can.

  4. bixbyknollsCA says:

    Why are the pipped holes so big? did you peel away some of the shell?

  5. uksniper1 says:

    hi,yep they sure did,,we also hatched turkeys,and chickens too,
    all the best,wayne.