Monday, November 19, 2018

My Broody Chicken (Ruby)

I’m trying to get my laying chicken to stop being broody . Trying new ideas , because each chicken is different. To learn more about laying Hens (chickens) that are broody , Google “what exactly is broody” , you will find an answer !!!


2 Responses to “My Broody Chicken (Ruby)”
  1. Ecopowerr says:

    maybe it helps if you drop a alarm clock that make some egg sounds in the morning.

  2. MikalskiEdward says:

    Just let nature take its course Chili,if she hasnt got any eggs to sit on she will start laying again and you dont have to keep her on her own.Well we have seen the most amazing birds on Texal,a Bluethroat and a Great Grey Shrike ,both forst time I seen and we heard a Bittern.Hugs from us both :-))