Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mallard Duck Hatching

After failing to get anywhere but a tiny crack after 2 days of trying to get out of his shell. I decided to help him some. I stopped cracking his egg to show you this. I know they say you shouldn’t help them come out and instead should let them do it themselves or die trying. However he would’ve dieds very shortly if he wouldn’t have gotten out of there soon and I wasn’t bound to let him die trying to get out if I could’ve helped him myself.


16 Responses to “Mallard Duck Hatching”
  1. MysticalLandFilms says:

    That’s the spirit!
    That last sentence made me feel proud for some reason.

  2. ambersillenesz says:

    are your eggs peeping? mine are not and i believe they are 25-26 days right now

  3. Keiter76 says:

    It was only for a few minutes to just take the video. The “experts” want me to not touch it and let it fight for his life. If you ask me, that’s more dangerous to his health than me holding him up for a minute.

  4. Keiter76 says:

    Sometimes they are a little too weak to come out by themselves. They recommend you letting them go and letting mother nature take its course, but I can’t sit by and watch it die trying to get out. Call me a softy, but I believe if I can save it, I will. I don’t care if they tell me to let it fight for his poor life. That’s inhumane if you ask me.

  5. Keiter76 says:

    Mallard eggs take around 28 days to start hatching. Since this is day 25, I recommend lowering the temperature to 97-98 degrees and raise the humidity level to 70%. They should start hatching in about 3 days. Good luck. They are a lot more work than I first realized, but they are well worth it.

  6. Abbeykids Abbey says:

    i saved some mallard duck eggs after the mother was eaten by a cat, they haven’t hatched yet and i don’t know when they will, they’re on day 25 right now. when will they hatch??

  7. 18Lunarockstar says:

    What does it mean when you can see a ring or a circle in the egg without candling??

  8. msduckygirl1 says:

    i want a mallard duck egg and become its mother

  9. animalplanetnews101 says:

    I totally agree with you besides if they don’t hatch within 12 hours, that’s when you have to help them

  10. 86mustang07 says:

    nice ….. I love ducks I have a few Mallard myself and a few Moskovey to…..

  11. Keiter76 says:

    Well it doesn’t matter if you turn it 3 or 5 times as long as you make sure you turn it an odd number of times. If you turn it an odd number that forces the embryo to sleep on a different side each night.

  12. ciciironwill27 says:

    I have a Q about my duck eggs (mallard) How many times should i turn the egg..i’ve been turning the eggs 3 times daily for a bout a week or so, and they’re alive..should i bump it up to 5 times a day because I can do that too. I don’t think it’s anything dire because they are still alive but i want to know which is better. THank you!

  13. xxlilmissgeorgousxx says:

    thats a bit dangerous holding it up like thatt ……..

  14. Keiter76 says:

    Sometimes they are just too weak to get out by themselves. Other times it could be just the way it is laying inside the shell that prevents it from coming out. I helped him out and he’s living a very happy life outside. If I didn’t help him, he could’ve died in his shell trying to get out.

  15. URAbunnylover2 says:

    why wasnt it coming out by itself?

  16. isy1020 says:

    im doing the same thing i really want to help them but after you know them for a lil while the weak ones are gonna die but i cant watch them die when i can help them