Monday, November 19, 2018

Making a Diy Egg Incubator without a Thermostat

Making a Diy Egg Incubator without a thermostat is generally not a very good idea,A Diy Egg Incubator or in fact any egg incubator needs temperature control which is what the thermostat does and does well,without this the eggs in  your Diy egg incubator would almost certainly overheat within a few hours,even if you experimented with different bulb sizes (higher wattage bulbs will usually give out more heat) or added more ventilation it is highly unlikely you would be able to sustain the correct temperature for a long period, certainly not for the 21 days for incubation that is required for chicken eggs.

Adding a thermostat to your Diy Egg Incubator is really a necessity and should be allowed for in the incubator set up costs,it isnt really an expensive piece of kit,depending on whether you are constructing a 12v diy egg incubator or a 120/240v incubator you should find that most thermostats or thermostat kits cost in the region of £5 to £20 depending on the model,just make sure that the thermostat is capable of reaching the 99.5 degrees fahrenheit  that required for chicken egg Incubation,for most it wont be a problem but before purchasing its worthwhile making sure,the last thing you want when you have finally constructed your Diy egg incubator is to find it isnt capable of reaching the Correct Temperature.


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