Monday, November 19, 2018

Make a Home Made Brooder

Make a home made brooder – the construction of a home made brooder is a much simpler affair than designing and building an incubator,for a start unlike an egg incubator it does not necessarily have to be temperature controlled,this is something you could add if you wish but it isnt a necessity,I have raised many happy chicks on a simple home made brooder using just bulbs for a heat source,when I constructed my home made brooder I used the following cheap and easy to obtain parts, a plastic crate (easily bought from most diy stores) a length of 6mm or 9mm ply wood to cover the top of the plastic crate,2 x 20watt mr16 type downlighter bulbs and holders, and a 3 amp power supply (an old computer power supply can actually also be used for this if you happen to have one laying around) basically to construct a home made brooder you need to cut the ply wood down so it covers the plastic  crate almost entirely with just a small gap at the end to give some air flow,then make two holes in the plywood towards the other end to fit the downlighter holders and bulbs into,this may look a little odd just having lights at one end but the idea is that if the chicks do get too hot they can move away from the heat source, though there are many types of 20watt dc bulbs on the market the downlighter style bulbs work best in this kind of home made brooder as they sit more or less flush in the plywood lessening the chance of any chicks actually touching them and burning themselves,once the bulbs are fitted and the lid is placed on the crate its just a matter of connecting the bulbs to your power supply,adding some bedding material and your cheap  home made brooder is ready for action ! incidentally running costs for one of these home made brooders is very cheap,here in the UK you would be looking at it costing somewhere in the region of 15p per day to run.

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