Sunday, November 18, 2018

How To Raise Chickens DVD Regarding Chickens

This is an incomplete overview of the Chicken Video, DVD Regarding Chickens, a complete guide to incubation, hatching, rearing, housing and free ranging backyard chickens. Visit to purchase your own copy.


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  1. HTCSWEOD says:

    Please feel free to join Fred’s Fine Fowl on Facebook… hope to see YOU there!

  2. HTCSWEOD says:

    You can get this video (Regarding Chickens) at: Stromberg’s Chickens, Murray McMurray, Egg Cartons dot com, Randal Burkey Company and many other poultry retailers… just google “DVD Regarding Chickens” I hope everyone has a great year with their poultry pass-time! OH, also most Public LIbraries have it and if not, they can get it for you… ask your librarian.

  3. MonyMG1959 says:

    They are bautiful birds…thanks for sharing

  4. HTCSWEOD says:

    you could place six normal sized eggs beneath a d’Uccle hen with good results….

  5. AliFugginB says:

    but being a bantam breed, do they not struggle with normal sized eggs?

  6. HTCSWEOD says:

    Yes, the bird on the cover is a Bearded Belgian d’Uccle Mille Fleur… they are excellent breeders for me here… they are also pretty good broody hens… Sorry you had such bad luck!

  7. AliFugginB says:

    IS the cock at the start a Mille fleur D’uncle? I tried to hatch some eggs of this breed (but failed!!) I should have bought the DVD!!

  8. HTCSWEOD says:

    I’m actually only truly familiar with the breeds recognized by the American Poultry Standard of Perfection or the British Standards… I’m sure there are many other worthy breeds out there… I hope it turns out to be a good bird for you!

  9. HTCSWEOD says:

    Cock fights are completely illegal in my state…

  10. SiXSiD3 says:

    do you fight your birds or are you just a breeder

  11. 403rock says:

    wooww its greatt i like it i have somee likee roster before red and black itss great but thiss white itss sow nicee you have great joob

  12. HTCSWEOD says:

    Thanks… I do the best I can for the animals I keep here… they do look like cottages and my Emu House has a porch on it… I know, I go overboard.

    (“> thanks for commenting!

  13. ytertyu says:

    that chicken house is better than the place I live in . Damn ,, I wish I was a chicken at Fred’s Farm

  14. HTCSWEOD says:


  15. thaoguy559 says:

    nice they look pretty

  16. HTCSWEOD says:

    Yes, that’s me in there… and actually, a purple comb is more a sign of a bad heart in a chicken and shows poor circulation… could certainly go hand in hand with a lack of water if that’s also the case. Thanks for commenting.

  17. bumbiejoe123 says:


  18. HTCSWEOD says:

    It’s by Dennis Hitchcox
    It’s titled: Destination Eternity…. cool eh?
    thanks for your comment… now go listen to an album by Dennis!

  19. bumbiejoe123 says:

    wuts the song called???? i love it hqahaah

  20. HTCSWEOD says:

    Thanks, I just visited that website, fantastic chicken coop designs there! Thank you for posting my video also, I really do appreciate it. Wish I understood the language. Your site may be the reason I just shipped a DVD to Malta!

  21. HTCSWEOD says:

    Many library systems are carrying this DVD, ask your librarian to get it for you… can’t beat the public library system! The DVD is titled Regarding Chickens

  22. Kelpfinders says:


  23. HTCSWEOD says:

    Thank YOU!

  24. wildwest70 says:

    Very interesting video. I think that will please know that I included this video on the website of italian poultry “King’s Hen House” (Il Pollaio del Re). Sincerely. VM

  25. HTCSWEOD says:

    You can get this video at amazon dot com
    or Avian publications, or Murray McMurray hatchery, or Strombergs Game Birds, or ABA Youth website, or EggCartons dot com, or well, it’s out there, you should have a copy :}