Sunday, November 18, 2018

How To Incubate and Hatch Chicken Eggs At Home

Learn how to incubate and see hatching chicken eggs at home. Key information includes how long it takes for the eggs to hatch, correct incubating temperature, frequency that the eggs need to be turned, type of incubator to use and sun exposure limitation. Incubation and hatching new life is easy fun and rewarding! Chicken eggs need to be incubated for 21 days at 99.5 degrees fahrenheit Then they begin hatching. It generally takes 24-48 hours for the chick to completely hatch out of it’s shell. You will be tempted to attempt to HELP the chick hatch. Please refrain because the chick is still biologically attached to it’s yolk sac, Prematurely removing the chick will cause it to bleed or die . At best it will stunt the chicks growth.


25 Responses to “How To Incubate and Hatch Chicken Eggs At Home”
  1. GloVermont2 says:

    @shoegal330000 Your question is one of the most common actually. Eggs in your fridge are usually not fertile for a couple of reasons. 1. They are refrigerated, that ruins fertile eggs because they need to be kept warm. 2. Commercial eggs are usually not fertile because commercial chicken farms don’t usually have roosters at all. A rooster fertilizes the eggs naturally.

  2. shoegal330000 says:

    This is a really stupid question…but here goes… what distinguishes the eggs in my fridge from eggs that will grow into baby chicks? In other words I can just take the eggs from my fridge and grow chickens.. why not?

  3. GloVermont2 says:

    @TubeFrankM Thank you Frank. 🙂

  4. TubeFrankM says:

    Hatching chicks always brings a smile to my face…. I use an incubator just like yours and I made a big incubator out of a old foot locker and it works great also…
    Good Job on the Video

  5. GloVermont2 says:

    @TheCheesecurl I positioned the termometer on top of a couple of the eggs under the observation window of the incubator lid. I didn’t measure the humidity level. I simply checked the water level each time I turned the eggs and refilled them when needed.

  6. TheCheesecurl says:

    @GloVermont2 How did the humididy levels stay where you wanted? where did you put te theromiter?

  7. GloVermont2 says:

    @TheCheesecurl you can see for yourself…I have a video on this channel showing you the brood of chicks from that hatching.

  8. TheCheesecurl says:

    Hey, I have used the same incubator and got little to no success… I would like to know how your hatch turned out!

  9. GloVermont2 says:

    @ukurbanfarmer Yes that will work. Cheap cheap!

  10. ukurbanfarmer says:

    @GloVermont2 my incubator dont have the mesh , so i have to place objects of water around will this still work

  11. GloVermont2 says:

    @ukurbanfarmer You’ll notice there are channels or reservoirs recessed into the base of the incubator…that’s where the water goes.

  12. ukurbanfarmer says:

    does water have to below the eggs or can i just place objects full of water around the incubator

  13. GloVermont2 says:

    @MsMackenzie2 Usually I try to fill all the reservoirs. It’s not critical that they all be full,…. just that you try to make sure there is some water in there each time you turn the eggs and put the lid back on.

  14. MsMackenzie2 says:

    @GloVermont2 You already answered this before but i was wondering, do you fill every reservoir, because there are two long ones, and then there is a big one?

  15. GloVermont2 says:

    @MsMackenzie2 We started with 24 fertile eggs and hatched 21.

  16. MsMackenzie2 says:

    how many chicks actually hatched, and how many fertile eggs did you have in the incubator to start out with?

  17. GloVermont2 says:

    @caliherbs I keep the water depth just short of the top of each reservoir. Yes I maintain the humidty with water full term – 21 days.

  18. caliherbs says:

    about how deep of water to you put in there like 1/4 inch ? and did you maintain that all 21 days ?

  19. neil219315 says:

    whens breaki ready

  20. Ramon90003 says:

    It is hard to keep the temparature stable, I have a little giant incubator and the temparature keeps changing, in the afternoon when the day starts to warm up the temparature goes up too 102.5 and in the mornings sometimes it drops down to 96.0 any advise?

  21. Zeroes123 says:

    I have a question @GloVermont2 i like your style keep up the good work, but what do you do with the multiple chicks you hatch?

  22. RealJeffonline says:

    You can buy fertilized chicken eggs on eBay

  23. FunnyGuy8890 says:

    The ones you eat will NOT work they are not fertile.

  24. yugiohmariox says:

    hey where do u get the eggs? do you buy them at supermarket(the ones you eat put them on an incubator)

  25. anthacdc says:

    hi, my light sussex just started laying eggs they are fertile, should i wait till the hen is fully grown, will it effects the chicks size?