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Homemade Incubator Using a Velleman Thermostat Kit

Make a Homemade Incubator using a velleman thermostat Kit,this is a fairly simple Homemade incubator to construct,its temperature is controlled by a velleman thermostat kit ,it is very important to implement the velleman thermostat kit  in the construction of your homemade incubator as without it you will not be able to get your homemade incubator to maintain the correct temperature required for egg incubation,egg incubation requires the temperature to be set at 99.5 degrees for best results,you can swing the temperature either way by a couple of degrees and still get fairly good hatch results  but to obtain this temperature range without using a thermostat will be very difficult indeed.

The Items required for the construction of your homemade incubator are as follows,1 x  insulated box ,max size 30cm x 30cm,1 x thermometer,1 x humidity meter, 1 x 12v 20watt dc bulb (car bulb or downlighter style bulb will be fine)1 x 12v dc small fan (computer fan will be fine) 1 x  12v 2amp or higher dc power supply (to power the bulb, fan and your velleman thermostat kit) and 1 x higher rated thermistor,the thermistor included in the velleman thermostat kit will only reach 86f but if you get a higher rated one which costs around 50p from most electronics stores you will easily attain the target temperature.

To begin the construction of your Homemade Incubator firstly you need to attach the bulbholder to the lid of your insulated box,in the middle is best,right above where the eggs are going to sit then also fit the fan to the lid approx 5 to 10cm away from the bulb,remember to drill a hole through for the wiring to connect to the thermostat kit which is mounted on the outside of the  box, next its time to solder together the thermostat kit,these are fairly easy to solder,you shouldnt have any problems if you take your time,just remember to make sure the components are soldered in the correct places and that their polarity,where applicable is correct, once you have soldered the velleman thermostat kit together its best to mount it on the lid  of the outside of the box,then its just a matter of connecting the power supply,bulb and fan to the correct terminals on it,once you have done this you need to solder the higher rated thermistor to a pair of fly leads and connect it to the sensor connections on the thermostat,the other blue thermistor which comes in the kit can be discarded,next drill a small hole in the side wall of the box and poke the thermistor through this so it can register the internal temperature, the thermistor should be placed fairly high in your homemade incubator so that any hatching chicks cannot peck at it,this is especially true if you intend to use the homemade incubator as a temporary brooder,if you plug in the 2amp power supply you should now find that the incubator will come to life and start warming up,by adjusting the dial on the velleman thermostat kit you should be able to set it to the correct temperature,Tip – remember to place your thermometer close to the eggs to monitor the temperature of the surrounding air,not close to the thermistor at the edge of the box,I made my homemade incubator using one of these velleman thermostat kits a couple of years ago for the cost of  approx £25 exactly this way and have had many successful hatches with it,if you follow these instructions carefully theres no reason why you shouldnt too, Happy Hatching !


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  1. albi says:

    when i put power to my thermo stat it simply clicks the light flashes, any answers regards albi

    • admin says:

      Make sure the bulb used isnt too powerful and the power supply you are using is powerful enough,max bulb size is 30watts with one of these kits,if you are using a 30 watt bulb you need a power supply capable of at least 3 amps,if you are using a 20 watt bulb the power supply must be at least 2amps,also sometimes the stat can take a while to stabilize,not sure why this is but if the bulb size and power supply are correct then try leaving it on for a couple of hours, this happens occasionally with my homemade incubator and I find after about an hour it is working normally.

      kind regards



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