Friday, May 25, 2018

Helping A Baby Chick Hatch Out Of The Egg We recently hatched baby chicks & had 1 get stuck in the shell. It pipped a hole & couldn’t seem to get started zipping the top of the egg off. This video shows how I helped.


25 Responses to “Helping A Baby Chick Hatch Out Of The Egg”
  1. ChickenJunkies says:

    @Rebbecca1983 It’s best to let the chick hatch on it’s own. I only intervene if I can see the chick is struggling or shrink wrapped and stuck. You can tell if it’s peeping gets weaker also. Just go with your gut feeling and after 24 hours or so, decide what’s best. Hope that helped.

  2. Rebbecca1983 says:

    how many hours after should i help the baby chick
    out of the shell ???

  3. MrBagginsEsq says:

    I love chicks! All my 30 baby chicks! Barred rocks!

  4. ChickenJunkies says:

    @spainmd Yes, it can shrink wrap the chick inside the egg. I try not to open the incy until everyone is out of the egg. This only applies to the last 3 days or lockdown though.

  5. spainmd says:

    Have you had any issues with the insides of the eggs drying out when you open the incubator mid hatch? I’ve always heard you can sort of vacuum seal them, just trying to get others opinions

  6. ChickenJunkies says:

    Some “Chicken Experts” say it does, but I have a few nice looking chicks around that beg to differ. Even the momma hen helps sometimes. Saw it with my own two eyes. lol

  7. TheDogeater5 says:

    doesnt that screw up the chick

  8. osokusmc11 says:

    Great video, I’m doing the same for mine. It is hatching earlier than expected and having trouble. I believe the humidity hasn’t been high enough since I’ve just recently increased the humidity. They weren’t supposed to start until tomorrow night. So I did the same, I didn’t break the membrane. Hope all comes out well.

  9. 90sDc says:


  10. Bebuvvter says:

    @ChickenJunkies Well, I understand =)
    The incubator is also a good way, because there are no diseases or inheritances
    But it’s just a lot of work to turn the eggs u.sw.

  11. DJRaversRevenge says:

    Pyo pyo ^.^

  12. CDLver says:

    Wonderful! A life is born.

  13. DOX9500 says:

    daaaaaw, sooo cute and fluffeh <3

  14. ChickenJunkies says:

    @Bebuvvter I hatched these out of the incubator, so no hen. Yes, I have seen a hen help a chick open the egg when it is struggling, so don’t feel bad about helping this cute little guy. This chick remains the biggest and most friendly of the group.

  15. DavidBylsma says:

    awww……life is good.

  16. EMAN1083 says:

    wow great video ……:)

  17. Bebuvvter says:

    Actually helps always the mother hen, not even if a chick comes out of an egg =)
    Did you have no mother hen?
    But nice video 😉

  18. ClaudioAlessandri says:


  19. Conrail3385 says:

    Now that is cute little chic!. “chic-a-boom, chic-a-boom, dontcha just love it”. thanks for sharing

  20. BonBonBatman says:

    Your little chick is very cute 🙂

  21. CORNSiLK says:

    @ChickenJunkies Normally that is true that you shouldn’t help, but not always.
    I had one who got the inner membrane stuck to her and couldn’t move, so I had to remove it for her. It was actually over one nostril, so I was afraid she would suffocate otherwise.
    She is a beautiful, healthy hen today and one of my best layers. I named her Pippin after her difficult birth.

  22. silverstartrucker says:

    How sweet

  23. 4fulsealteam says:


  24. ChickenJunkies says:

    @jaketrobinson You could be right. I’ve heard that. So far though… it is our biggest, healthiest and tamest chick. Hope I made the right choice.

  25. jaketrobinson says:

    nature made it tough to breakout of an egg or a cacoon on purpose… you have probalbly damned this chick to a weak constitution…