Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hatching chickens in Minecraft

Just testing out the new egg throwing mechanic. Eggs don’t deal real damage apparently. If they do damage then it’ll take more than 180 eggs most likely. Fraps made the game take for ever to load sorry about that :[


25 Responses to “Hatching chickens in Minecraft”
  1. MATT BOLIN says:


  2. lukas liwandouw says:

    i did it but when the egg hatch it’s not a chicken but a chick

  3. Coreyisaboss1 says:

    CAUSE IM A BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Isaac E says:

    Maybe in creative.

  5. Coreyisaboss1 says:

    NO!! Because I’M a boss.

  6. Coreyisaboss1 says:

    cause you’re a boss?

  7. Coreyisaboss1 says:

    i can. u no y?

  8. sharif sircar says:


  9. peepsbird says:

    :58 lucky chicken hatch

  10. Lucy Ceccarelli says:

    Hey. Guys. I was hatching chicks. And then i had like 4 chicks hatched from 1 egg! :O

  11. TheBaws321 says:

    I threw a chicken egg and it broke now I feel like im a murderer D:

  12. TheHurricane333 says:

    Do you have your partical settings set to high that makes it show that it is breaking worked for me try it out!!

  13. DJKID777 says:

    why those chicken look like ducks

  14. minimaid100 says:

    is there any vidio that shows for it to hatch every time??

  15. Jusuf Al Dijely says:

    same here!!!!!!!!!

  16. TheHurricane333 says:

    when i throw an egg it dosnt break????? i have the newest version

  17. Cody Bullivant says:


  18. Isaac E says:

    Not legit. You can only get 16 eggs in one stack.

  19. ultumateus says:

    yes you can…

  20. angeledstar says:

    so all you have to do is throw them at an animal???

  21. Miikka Maikkunen says:

    how much eggs do i have trhow to make a chicken

  22. smashbrosbrawlA3 says:

    5 people fight for pigs rights

  23. lilmaniac503 says:

    its angry chickens…haha

  24. GruntingToast says:


  25. gerfsmerf says:

    You could just collect a lot of eggs, put them in a dispenser put pressure plates in the farm and voila, instant auto chicken hatcher thing. All you have to do is collect eggs and insert.