Monday, November 19, 2018


25 Responses to “Egg Incubation Box Set Up”
  1. dobo1005 says:

    are air holes needed?

  2. davbellisario7 says:

    sorry man , i thot you were gonna put the eggs straight into the perlite . I was gonna say youll drown em !!!

  3. maculatum38 says:


    Never used sand but I would say no.

  4. maculatum38 says:


    You can find it in your local garden center. It is mixed in to soil for drainage purposes.

  5. maculatum38 says:


    What do you base your info on? I have hatched out over 100 eggs with this ratio and it has always yielded great results.

  6. davbellisario7 says:

    wWAAAY to much watter

  7. missfirstaid says:

    hi can you use it for chicken eggs because im useing a box ?

  8. Ali798521 says:

    Can you use sand

  9. pythonking100 says:

    what is pearl lite and were can u get it

  10. KingofDeath says:

    @reptiledude1111 No as it won’t hold the water like vermiculiteor hatch rite.

  11. marweazy1 says:

    Can you do an example video on how to tranfer the egg to the incubation box and then into the actual incubator.? please

  12. reptiledude1111 says:

    @maculatum38 this is gonna sound stupid but can i use sand to put the eggs in during the incubation process the reason im asking is because i i kinda need a fast souloution and all i have is a big bag of sand

  13. maculatum38 says:

    They are found in the lighting section as they are light difusers. Look on the shelves by the long floresent lighting fixtures. They cost about $12 for a 2′ x 4′ section. You can cut it to size with a piar if nips.

  14. WTZReptiles says:

    Are the egg diffusers called anything different at home depot.

  15. maculatum38 says:

    It is not mandatory that you use them. I find them to work very well and have great results with them. I buy them at Home Depot.

  16. maculatum38 says:


  17. WTZReptiles says:

    I am breeding ball pythons this year. Do i need a egg diffuser that you use it this to incubate my eggs. If so where could i get one.

  18. XxARISTOTLExX1 says:

    im building one do i add air holes or seal it 100% need info plz help

  19. reptileboy46 says:

    well i was wondering what type of incubator you use and if possible make a video of it

  20. sk8terfolife1234 says:

    can you Incubation any type of eggs

  21. iwauchihaha says:

    pearl light?i cant find that

  22. xxkatiekatyxx says:

    will this work for bearded dragon eggs?

  23. 110879lisa says:

    hi there watch u video and it looks ok but i have seen so many and i was wondering if u could tell me if i need holes in it and would a heat mat be ok orwould it be to hot and what if it has to much condersation in the box with my gecko eggs will they die and how long do they take to hatch. please get back asap.

  24. reptidude1 says:

    dude do i need to buy a thermostat to use with a hovibator? or dose it have a built in thermostat?

  25. MTbasher07 says:

    could that be your actual incubator if you put a heat pad (uth) on the bottom or would that be too hot