Sunday, November 18, 2018

Cockatiel Assisted Hatch – DJ Feathers Aviary

Watch a baby cockatiel emerge from the egg, with a little help from a friend. This took place over an 8 hour period one evening. The baby was in trouble and couldn’t get out on its own. Assisted hatches are not ordinarily performed, and only happen when absolutely necessary. Had we not assisted in this instance, the baby would not have survived.


25 Responses to “Cockatiel Assisted Hatch – DJ Feathers Aviary”
  1. danikkabryan says:

    cool vudeo

  2. cruzerdoozer12 says:

    look at teh poopeth

  3. whitehorse607 says:

    @dk22033 thanks so much for the quick reply. I was so worried that it would be too chilly. I’d like to hand feed them, so I’ll be busy getting my “nest” supplies ready too. : )

  4. dk22033 says:

    @whitehorse607 Cockatiels have a sense of when and how much to sit to keep the eggs at the proper temperature to develop and hatch. Since you are able to see veins within the eggs (a sign they are developing), it sounds like they are doing things right. Give it time, put lots of food in the cage, and let them have some space to do their job. They’ll likely reward you. =]

  5. whitehorse607 says:

    I have a m & f cockatiel. The female sits on the eggs (5) for most of the day (except to come off of them to eat), but at night after I cover them, she gets off the eggs until the next morning when I uncover their cage. The male never sits on the eggs and she chases him away. I candled the eggs this morning (11/30) and saw little veins on 2 of the eggs (1st layed on 18th, 5th on the 26th). Since they get chilled overnight from no one sitting on them, will they still hatch?

  6. DjCloudo says:

    i had a chuckle at this tbh when i saw the chick pull its head back into the she all that sprung into my head was”NO NO, I changed my mind, I don’t wanna, it’s cold out there”

  7. dk22033 says:

    @8i680085 They eat whatever the parents have consumed and then fed to the babies (here it is a nutritious mix of seed, pellets, and fresh foods). Most importantly, the parents are also build up the babies’ immune systems by transfer (the same ways human babies who are breast fed get their immune systems developed).

  8. 8i680085 says:

    I have a question too… What do they eat on those 11-14 days while waiting to be hand fed? Or they don’t eat at all at this period from hatch until first time eating?

  9. dpianonvocals says:

    nov9.that wouldve been a good birthday gift:)

  10. steff2001 says:

    awe how cute. she must be very tired after 8 hours of thatl

  11. drawing11 says:

    so nice of you to help the little guy!

  12. dk22033 says:

    Cockatiels are usually pulled for handfeeding around 11-14 days, just as their eyes are opening. They are fed on a defined schedule a baby parrot formula until they wean (at about 8 weeks). You will need more than just handfeeding formula and a syringe to raise babies though – temperature (to a set degree) of the formula is essential, as well as maintaining appropriate temperature in the brooder.

  13. naghmeh001 says:

    would you please answer this question?
    How long should we wait before we can feed them for the first time?
    what does the first food consist of? Is it a mixture of cereals or a liquid ?

  14. dk22033 says:

    @DeadPool2995 They wean around 8 weeks on average. Some can take longer, depending on the ‘encouragement’ they get from others in the clutch. Monitoring the weight as feedings are reduced/eliminated is the best indication.

  15. DeadPool2995 says:

    when they hatch at what age can you sell them as in weeks after they hatch cause my frinds hatched today and is going to give it to me but i dont want it too young that it can die because i had a quaker but it died after 10 years so yhea we got it when it was 4 weeks old so plzz reply quick

  16. dk22033 says:

    There is a lot involved with rearing parrots. They need very special conditions to grow up strong and healthy.

  17. dk22033 says:

    There is a lot involved with rearing parrots. They need very special conditions to grow up strong and healthy.

  18. dk22033 says:

    The mom was in the nest box sitting on the other eggs in the clutch. They don’t help much when a chick gets stuck in the egg. That’s why we stepped in to help

  19. redhia says:

    is it hard to raise a cockatiel??i’d like to try to raise one..but i have 2 cats in my house 🙁

  20. dk22033 says:

    Yes she did survive, and if you watch the other videos you will see her as she grew up and weaned. She’s now 3 years old.

  21. MrLuke6593 says:

    did he/she survive ?

  22. 2pac712 says:

    good job

  23. TheNewsBudgie says:

    Beutifle! this is life

  24. newworldsamurai74 says:

    you know when to do the right thing 🙂

  25. TAREPARE says:

    that is so cute!