Sunday, November 18, 2018

Chicken Eggs Hatching Results in Brood of Chicks or Baby Chickens

When chicken eggs are hatching with others chicks or baby chickens, it creates a community known as the brood of the mother hens. Very cute little poultry wi…


25 Responses to “Chicken Eggs Hatching Results in Brood of Chicks or Baby Chickens”
  1. TheJamiesjamiesjamie says:

    what´╗┐ breed are these chicks. ­čÖé

  2. Cheryl Strawser says:

    Your hatching videos are awsome !´╗┐ Thanks for all the info! I’m getting ready to try my own hatch.

  3. Haruhi Chan says:

    BBy chickens are cute but when they grow´╗┐ up they will poop a lot which is hard work to clean, sorta

  4. ponypan837 says:

    this reminds me of my old chicken penny he was beatuiful i didn’t wanna give him away but´╗┐ my mom made me ­čÖü

  5. Josh Stewart says:

    It’s crazy how cute they are´╗┐ at that age. Baby cockatiels are hideous.

  6. MexicanLatina18 says:


  7. GloVermont2 says:

    Not very long. I have the brood box all warmed up. As each chick is born I´╗┐ wait about 15 minutes. Then move them to the brood box.

  8. ky prepper says:

    How long do you leave a´╗┐ hatched chick in the incubator before moving them into a brood container ?

  9. GoldenYoshiKing23 says:

    That’s a´╗┐ relief ­čśÇ … I thought he was gone… Thank God! Okay sir thank you for responding. Keep uploading Gods beautiful creatures:) God Bless

  10. GloVermont2 says:

    That chick lived a full life. It was a little stunted. You may notice that I did notate the video warning against helping the chicks hatch. Folks ask about this often.´╗┐

  11. GoldenYoshiKing23 says:

    What happened to the chick in the other video… Tell me he’s alright. When you took that egg of him. I yelled… Never do that… My Uncle has a farm so it’s so beautiful on how God made these beautiful creatures:)´╗┐ Keep sharing these beautiful videos. God Bless you.

  12. GloVermont2 says:

    We sell eggs´╗┐ locally. Also Icelandic lambs.

  13. Jung Sun Kim says:

    do you´╗┐ sell them?

  14. Emzy Dink says:

    How long´╗┐ was it between video 2 and video 3?

  15. MrFireimpact says:


  16. kewl8545 says:

    My friend had four three week old chickens but a raccoon got to´╗┐ them and ate three of them now they only have one traumatized baby chick ;(

  17. linkmanplays says:

    is it ok to´╗┐ feed a new born chick tini bits f letice

  18. Shauna smokey says:

    them chicks are´╗┐ adorable! what breed???? CHECK MY VIDEOS OUT!! please subscribe!!??

  19. Shauna smokey says:

    i agree! chickens are like the best ever! them chicks are so cute! check mine´╗┐ out!!

  20. TrueMinecrafter says:


  21. lmccall728 says:

    yes – not barred rock for sure.´╗┐

  22. TheBirdsarethebest says:

    aww they are ´╗┐ so cute

  23. GloVermont2 says:

    You know your chickens overlord of the bananas (sorry for the irreverant´╗┐ lower case!:). Good eye….the rooster was the rooster you see in the farm videos on this channel. A glorious brilliantly colored Araucana! The hens were reds and barred rocks.

  24. OverlordOfTheBananas says:

    Some´╗┐ look a lot like araucana chicks ^^

  25. Shojo Makashima says:

    If only they remained small! But yeah there are a lot of moronic people, who do not tink much of chickens and they ae beautiful birds!!
    Your babies are´╗┐ the most adorable!!