Sunday, November 18, 2018


3 Responses to “Chick hatching: day 15 movement”
  1. silkiechic says:

    You probably should avoid over candling. Eggs used in my videos were for demonstration purposes. That said, just put them back and candle one last time on day 18 before you close up the incubator and do not open until day 22 or the hatch is over. They don’t breath at this stage of development and depend on oxygen transfer through the shell. Google “Hamburger and Hamilton” and look up their stages of chick development.

  2. anjanette90 says:

    Im so worried about my 14 day egg. I candled on day 13 had tons of movement even saw a foot then i candled today on day 14 and no movement!!! I am so worried he is dead!!! i can see a little tiny movement like slow labored breathing if i look real close but im not sure. he doesnt look like he is as big as the other 14 day eggs but his egg is very large. and he had a perfectly formed foot on day 13, could he possibly be further along in incubation than I thought?

  3. geckolad1 says:

    Its huge!!! :D