Monday, November 19, 2018

Our Euskal Oiloa (Basque hen) Chicks Hatching

1 egg hatching- sped up 4x – 8min to 2 min


Born right on schedule. Chicken eggs hatch after 21 days in incubation. This is a group of Bantum (Banty) chicks. It’s a successful effort in learning the procedure of incubating our own eggs. This little one was hatched 9/24/11 at 11:30pm. Nature can be a beautiful experience and one we’re happy to share with you….and […]

Brüten für den Weltmarkt Teil 2

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INCUBADORAS AUTOMÁTICAS: Controladas mediante Micro-computador programable para INCUBAR varios tipos de especies: Pollos Codornices, patos, pavos, etc.

Baby Chicken

My first baby chicken. Isn’t he cute?

New Chicks

Eggs mailed from NC to WI and incubated here at Roc4k. Thanks Kathleen at GreenFamilyFarms

Duck Hatching Rouen

rouen duck hatching

Les Tsoin-Tsoins à deux jours

Un couple de colvert a fait son nid à côté de notre bassin et la canne ya pondu son premier oeuf à Pâques. Les oeufs ont éclos en début de semaine et maintenant nous avons onze adorables canetons ‘Tsoin-Tsoins’ qui se baladent dans le jardin …

grandma eating a fertilized egg

My grandma eating a fertilized chicken egg

chicken head pop.3g2

Chicken taking offense at being video-taped while brooding.

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