Thursday, November 15, 2018

Things to Know about Buying Shipped Hatching Eggs

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Chick hatching 1st stage

One of our eggs that we incubated has started to hatch today, this is the first egg we have ever had hatch.

Broody chicks

2 of our hens very broody

Delta 2 Mom incubating new chick 11 Apr. 2011

Delta 2 Mom incubating new chick. You can see it flapping around under Mom’s chest. I can’t tell for sure if it is competely out of the egg?? Dad is still perched on the branch to the left of the tree trunk at about the 9:30 o’clock position.

Mallard Duck Hatching

After failing to get anywhere but a tiny crack after 2 days of trying to get out of his shell. I decided to help him some. I stopped cracking his egg to show you this. I know they say you shouldn’t help them come out and instead should let them do it themselves or die […]

pollitos naciendo en incubadora

Pollitos de gallina naciendo en incubadora

AGB BBRed Hen 09 Hatch Brooding.MPG

09 AGB on her first brooding has been two weeks… Bred her back to her Pop… “Line Breed”

Our aylesbury duck eggs starting to hatch!!!

heres a short vid showing our eggs starting to hatch…

Hatching chickens in Minecraft

Just testing out the new egg throwing mechanic. Eggs don’t deal real damage apparently. If they do damage then it’ll take more than 180 eggs most likely. Fraps made the game take for ever to load sorry about that :[

Pompon veut couver.

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