Monday, November 19, 2018

Candling Our Pekin Duck Eggs Day 13

This is the 13th day on our duck eggs. Our silkie hen is sitting on them now. We started with 4 are now down to 3. From the video it appears the first egg may have a blood ring, I’m still not positive as I can’t see it clearly…but there is no movement in this egg. The second 2 eggs have clear veining and you can see the embryo move inside. This is my FIRST hatching, and I have only candled the first time on day 8 when I found the first bum egg that never developed due to a highly porous shell.


14 Responses to “Candling Our Pekin Duck Eggs Day 13”
  1. pokemonmaster123r says:

    is the first one dead cuz that looks like one of mine

  2. ciciironwill27 says:

    and that’s how i hatched my initial 7 ducks. But them again. i could have just gotton lucky…twice LOL. idk. maybe my desk lamp is just really good. however, i’m sure many lamps don’t get hot enough. my desk lamp gets super hot. haahaha 😀

  3. ciciironwill27 says:

    my ducks hatched from a light bulb just fine. A desk lamp to be exact. I have 7 pet mallards that i released. yet they still come and for some reason lay eggs in my garage and then abandon them (6 males and 1 female) and finally one day i took Wilma’s egg that she layed and abandon and put it under my desk lamp. I kept the temp at 100 under the lamp, turned it 3 times a day, and sprayed it with water here and there. sure enough, it hatched 28 days later.

  4. Angelofpolymerclay says:

    so what dose the dark spots mean? im worried 🙁

  5. URAbunnylover2 says:

    srry, light bulbs can never hatch an egg you need quality temp. and humidity control

  6. Saville2341 says:

    I found 11 mallard duck eggs in a field today straight after my dogs had got the mother. I took them back to the house and kept them warm. They are in a shoebox with 2 60 watt/ 240 v lightbulbs heating them. How do I tell how old they are and how do you think I should keep going about it with them. HELP! I dont want them to die.
    P.S: I cracked 1 egg open and the contents were- lots of yolk but feathers, first signs of them anyways (hope that helps in age definition) thanks

  7. URAbunnylover2 says:

    how humid must duck eggs be during incubation? someone who knows and has hatched duck eggs before please reply!!!

  8. tycondoe says:

    i have muscovy ducks and domestic ducks will they breed please help!

  9. Fjellmannen2008 says:

    yeah me too

  10. kelinax says:

    Hi PLEASE HELP ME! my duck Ducky, had passed away, on sunday. I looked at the cage, on tuesday. and found an egg. I am unsure if this egg is still alive. I looked at in under a flashlight, and Saw -Not one, BUT TWO dark spots.. I am not sure if its a sign of a duckling still there. please please please help me.. I am in need….

  11. rabyte79 says:

    The thing to look for is usually veins inside the egg to see development. It takes about 28-32 days for pekin duck to develop enough to hatch. Seeing a dark spot is a GOOD sign. There are times is won’t move. Its not usually dead, the tiny developing duck will have sleep time in the egg. If you see veins or dark spots there IS development let the egg go to the hatch date. I always wait 2-3 days PAST the hatch date to give them a fair chance at life.

  12. shanne117 says:

    i have a fertilized duck egg and when i candled it, it has a big dark spot on one side and it is not moving. does this mean it is dead. please help.

  13. binboyuk says:

    thank you so much, i did not know how to Candling 🙂 and i just done it too my eggs looks like im going to have 12 pekins running around soon 🙂

  14. mathie123 says:

    it looks alright to me but on average it takes 28-32 days for a duck egg to hach so keep waitin with your fingers crossed