Monday, November 19, 2018

Candling on day 18 and Chicks hatching in Little Giant Incubator

The fan breaks. Boo. But luckily a fan is not necessary for chicks to hatch. Hatch rate was kind of low at 64.8%. Especially considering the Brinsea hatch was 100%. Interestingly enough, more chicks hatched out in the LG than the Brinsea because of its higher egg capacity. Still, I recommend the Brinsea. Its no fun having a dozen eggs or so not hatch when you know the stock is good. Its unacceptably low so therefore I do not recommend the Little Giant. I would not trust it for valuable eggs or shipped eggs. (last year I used this machine for shipped eggs and got a 33% hatch rate) The fan is now working again. The problem was not in the fan or motor, it was in the power supply to the fan so after the hatch was complete and I was able to tinker around, I wired in a new power supply and its good as new. Still not good for the power supply to randomly have issues. Now the incubator is even better because I can turn the fan on and off separately than the heat coil. So, if humidity is too low during hatch, I can now turn off the fan manually which is a nice feature. I will be posting another video on what I did to fix the bator.


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  1. Asoldier1844 says:

    Tomorrow is 21 days so the eggs I placed in my incubator are due to hatch, I’m concerned because the temperature would go up and down at times, what are the percentages of the eggs hatching??

    Thank you

  2. EdentiaFarms says:

    Look up how to install the fan kit for the LG incubators. There is a video I watched and I reversed what they did 🙂

  3. EMILCAT7 says:

    How did you separate the fan from the heat coil??? I’m very interested in doing that. It seems to be the way to solve my problems with my LG and a proper hatchery. Unfortunately, I saw your video once I’ve already ordered this incubator, otherwise I would have definetely gone for the Brinsea :/

  4. EdentiaFarms says:

    Sorry, I don’t recall the exact number. I was comparing hatch rates in percentages only, since the incubators don’t hold the same number of eggs.

  5. Alex12foiwered says:

    how many chicks hatched in total

  6. darklegendscorp says:

    This is amazing!! I am very interested in having a couple of Hens and a rooster.. but don’t know alot of info on them.. I’m in Ontario Canada.. Anyone with helpful information would be great! Thanks! CALVIN

  7. EdentiaFarms says:

    lol, thanks Rob. I recognize those places. I haven’t been to NJ in 5 or 6 years now. I bet everything looks different now! The Delawares are my favorite breed. Sometimes I get 8 eggs in a day from 6 hens. Not always but its happened a few times. They are also very well tempered.
    I have some hatching eggs on ebay. I’ll be putting them into a mixed flock when my grapes are ripe, September-ish. Their pen is covered in grapes 🙂

  8. RiverImage says:

    Thanks for sharing Jersey Girl. NJ used to be a large egg production state and so many were shipped that a place near Hammonton was named “Egg Harbour City” before automated farming took over.
    I like the fact that you raise “Delaware” chickens, as they were popular in NJ egg farms. I may order some from you soon. …Rob

  9. JadeeWx says:

    check out our chicks hatching live:D!

    ww w.ustrea channel/cheepy-cheep

  10. travhal says:

    the little giant is a good incubator, but it needs to get broken into like a vehicle engine. After it is broken in to (about 1 hatch) the temperature stays around 99.5- 99.8f my last hatch i had 22 eggs hatch out of 27 but not all of the eggs were fertile.

  11. EdentiaFarms says:

    Here, this coupon code is for 10% at Brinsea and expires Mar 15 so hurry hurry!
    I love the brinsea! I ordered a 2nd one!

  12. ndub79 says:

    I have a hova which is basically the same. Low hatch rates, inconsistant heat and humidity. i check ind egg temps w/ IR temp gun it varies -3F under fan. I turned the fan upside down with 1/4in gap. this helps a little. The last bacth of guinea hatched 2 of 6, 4 days early but doing good. i would not recommend anyone buying a foam bator even if its free. So after wasting a lot of time and money I am buying a brinsea on sale $99.

  13. MyWoodenBucket says:

    Thanks for answering my questions.  :0)

  14. EdentiaFarms says:

    I have not had great results with either of my little giants. I always get chicks but always lose some… Are you hatching ducks and chicks together? Not supposed to hatch waterfowl with chickens. What do you set your humidity to for multi species hatching?

  15. BrandonGTplayer says:

    ihave a homemade incubator and just yesterday all 3 chicks that were supposed to hatch hacthed with no problems.i even hatched a duck out 5 days early.the next set wa suppised to hatch tomaro and 2 out of the three hatched today.then on wednesday the ducks and the rest of the chicks should hatch.this is the best this bator has done.but i still want the brinsea.but im buying an lg off af a freind who is alwyas getting great hatch rates out of it.

  16. EdentiaFarms says:

    From what I understand (and don’t know for sure. Never been to a hatchery but I’ve seen videos) hatcheries use cabinet style thermostat controlled incubators or complete rooms that are thermostat controlled with humidity pumps to control humidity. The rooms or cabinets have fans to circulate air and the eggs are automatically turned and hatch rates are very good because lots of money is spent on ensuring precise incubation conditions.

  17. EdentiaFarms says:

    Some people do assisted hatching but I do not. I personally am from the school of thought that if the chick cannot survive the hatch then something was wrong with it and I don’t want that problem bred into my flock. However, on occasion, I have decided to assist hatch if I think there is good reason. But for the most part I don’t. For example, I would help twins hatch or some other rare situation.
    All the breeds seem to hatch out in numbers proportionate to how many were set.

  18. MyWoodenBucket says:

    Yeah I don’t wanna see the dead ones. Heres another stupid question. Are you able to help any or save them if they can’t hatch? Or how would you know they need help? Has it happened that you hatched it for it thinking it was dead anyway? More then one stupid question eh! Oh and what breed did not hatch the most? And what kind of bators does the big hatcheries use? Do you know about what percentage they lose. I know it would vary but is there a norm for most? Too many questions?

  19. EdentiaFarms says:

    Yes, I opened them. They were all fully developed and died during the hatch. I just didn’t want to show that part. It is the worst part of the whole process. Many of them were what we call “shrink wrapped” meaning the membrane inside shriveled around the chick. Its hard for them to hatch and that is caused by low humidity from incubation conditions, even though my hydrometer said it was 70-80% throughout hatch.

  20. MyWoodenBucket says:

    So did you break open the other eggs? How far along do you think they got?

  21. EdentiaFarms says:

    Yes, the first hatched on day 19 and the last hatched on day 22, so the rest were just all in between. I edited out a lot of my talking because it would have made the video too long. I wanted to show the hatching since that is so fun.

  22. MyWoodenBucket says:

    Were any left to hatch on day 21?