Sunday, November 18, 2018

Cackle Hatchery – Top Hatch Incubator Assembly Instructions This is the more advanced Top Hatch Incubator for hatching baby chicks. Check out all of our products and the hundreds of baby chicks that you can order from our website. This instructional video was created for us by Castlewood Studios http


3 Responses to “Cackle Hatchery – Top Hatch Incubator Assembly Instructions”
  1. juzerfancy123 says:

    @gradyphelan he is just trying to show what’s hatching process thus you may should look into these rather then else….. :P

  2. gradyphelan says:

    Can I call your bluff?? You didn’t set up the turner correctly so the eggs would not have been turning. I’m going to guess that you filmed this all on the same day and grabbed some chicks from your commercial incubator. If that is what you did I’m okay with that, but you shouldn’t try to fool us into thinking you were actually hatching the chicks. Come on… you never even changed shirts.

  3. isfake55 says:

    Great video very helpful, we just bought 2 Top Hatch incubators and we are going to incubate goose eggs in one and duck eggs in the other, I have 2 questions, first how much water should I put in the tray, enough to fill that side? Second, how do you know that the unit is turning, I am so nervous that the eggs won’t hatch because I don’t know enough about the unit, and the Brower website is not helpful at all! I would really appreciate your help!