Monday, November 19, 2018


11 Responses to “Buying peacock hatching eggs #21”
  1. dmfett says:

    @thecherrimtree12 our new DVD has lots on it order it today!

  2. dmfett says:

    @uchihalover9990 they do well everywhere!

  3. dmfett says:

    @vishalmaha Do a web search as prices have been going up…maybe you can find a GQF for your price range…let us know if you need eggs before we sell out this year…

  4. uchihalover9990 says:

    @thecherrimtree12 im not sure, but i think they’re really beautiful! i think theyre from china or something. you should look it up and tell me about it! id really like to know!

  5. thecherrimtree12 says:

    @uchihalover9990 Actually, a pet store near my house sells peacocks, but then they are only Indian, don’t worry, cause, Peacocks are from mostly Asia, I mean, at least Green & Blue Peacocks, Green from Burma/Myanmar & Blue from India, but would you mind telling me more about Albino :D?

  6. uchihalover9990 says:

    @thecherrimtree12 i wonder if they can live in manila. its pretty humid there, then again, is it humid where they live too?

  7. thecherrimtree12 says:

    @dmfett How about shipping through ship once the peacocks are fully grown :D?

  8. dmfett says:

    Sorry they e-xray the eggs and that will kill them…also hatching eggs are not allowed to be shipped out side the USA….wish I could ship them to you…

  9. thecherrimtree12 says:

    @dmfett I’m sad…… I’ll pay double the price if you ship it to the Manila Post Office in Manila, Philippines!

  10. dmfett says:

    @daniraja29 Sorry we only sell to the USA…no one ships eggs out side the USA

  11. daniraja29 says:

    hi, are these eggs available internationally? and How much do they cost each?