Sunday, November 18, 2018


11 Responses to “Broody Hen Hatch day”
  1. unknownsanta84 says:

    My hen’s eggs are due this weekend. When they hatch shood i sperate her and her chicks for the other chickens and roosters?

  2. Beelie2007 says:

    Even tho she is cross she was still well behaved. Bless her 8 babies good mommy

  3. BENJItrailNPxL1100 says:

    looks like a partridge cochin to me

  4. Ashburn1232 says:

    Hahaha not really this hen is quite ugly compared to my hens 😉

  5. chickenlover13100 says:

    Awww I love it! I have one that just went broody today! Hope it goes well ) I can hear a sheep in the background!!

  6. 0coolie0 says:

    ohhh soo sweet!

  7. Ej8797 says:

    She is a pretty hen!

  8. Eslen11 says:

    what type of breed is she?

  9. taylormcmullen5 says:

    what breed is she

  10. brizzlefizzle says:

    LOL she’s trying to attack you =]

  11. myjugsarehuge says:

    I love it when the broodies hatch chicks, I had another 2 hatch yesteday, she looks most indignant at you poking around under her !!