Sunday, November 18, 2018

Baby Silkie Chick Drinking Water

SUBSCRIBE for new videos! Twitter: Google+: We had one out of four eggs hatch from our broody Silkie hen “Baby”. Here is one minute video to enjoy the fresh early moments of raising chicks 🙂


5 Responses to “Baby Silkie Chick Drinking Water”
  1. daddykirbs says:

    Thanks! We love ’em.

  2. DestinyRoxx says:

    So Adorable!!

  3. TheJamiesjamiesjamie says:

    i would but i have no camra only phone and cant get it onto my laptop 🙂

  4. daddykirbs says:

    :) try to get some video

  5. TheJamiesjamiesjamie says:

    yeay im first comment again and hopefully my bsilkie will go brooy dis year