Thursday, November 15, 2018

Une journée de printemps au Breuil

Une journée de printemps sur la pièce d’eau du Breuil d’Epinay-sur-Orge. La femelle cygne vole, une foulque couve, les oiseaux chantent, une cane promène ses dix petits nouveaux-nés, les oiseaux chantent, les randonneurs passent. Cette vidéo illustre la page web :

Broody Hen on Grain Bags

Created on November 9, 2009 using FlipShare.

Candling Our Pekin Duck Eggs Day 13

This is the 13th day on our duck eggs. Our silkie hen is sitting on them now. We started with 4 are now down to 3. From the video it appears the first egg may have a blood ring, I’m still not positive as I can’t see it clearly…but there is no movement in this […]

super chicken ipad Help your hero chicken to evade all obstacles and get your eggs to incubation. 4 Different Seasons – 4 Different Chickens – 4 Different Game Modes In each season you encounter different obstacles and enemies. Help your chicken adapt to its natural environment. Hurry to evade obstacles, because the wily fox can steal your […]

Incubating Japanese Quail

A short video showing my home made incubator and my quail chicks hatching in it. There is a time lapse video in the middle showing some of the chicks hatching out.

Fish hatching from eggs (under the microscope)

Here are Fundulus grandis, the gulf killifish, hatching under the microscope. In the wild they lay their eggs on marsh grasses at a full moon high tide and then 30 days later when the next full moon high tide comes they get wet and hatch. These are fish used for our research on the Gulf […]

Chicken update

Update of broody hen

Muscovy Hen Hatching eggs 5/2004

Margate FL. The Muscovy Ducks are abused in S. Florida. is the only place they are cared for and relocated. Duckhaven is a non-profit organization run on donations.

Toby’s chicken diary 25

Egg hatching !

MVI 4921

Ancona Duck Egg Incubation day 9 candle

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