Thursday, November 15, 2018

An unhappy and broody chicken

This hen had been pretty broody for a couple weeks, meaning that she got “baby crazy.” She started eating and drinking very little and spent most of her time just sitting on eggs in order to hatch them. Every day when I’d open the nest box, this is how I was greeted by a chicken […]

Bold Redtailed Hawk

Came home and found a redtail hawk trying to open the cage with my 6 week old dominique chicks inside. He also frightened my broody off her nest with three eggs still unhatched.

Candling duck eggs day 25

3 Days before the duck eggs in our incubator were due to hatch we candled them (looked inside the shell for signs of life and development!) one last time ๐Ÿ˜€

Surrogate “Mother” Hen 1

Had a Banty chicken that has been brooding for 4 weeks, bought 8 random chicks and put “Drusilla” with them. Instant bonding…within 30 minutes all were all under her wings. We could not believe that she could fit all 8 of them. Now she has her brood and is happy.

Brooding Chickens

duck egg – candling on day 12

candled a duck egg on day 12/28. blurry, but veining & embryo movement visable.

Day 15 Chicken Incubation. SSMCS. Ms. Pam’s Class

If you look closely you can see some movement. ๐Ÿ™‚

Preparing Eggs for Hatching | Farm Raised With P. Allen Smith

Subscribe for new episodes and more: Allen shows the process of candling to ensure the goose and duck eggs are viable. They’re about 10 days in to their 28-day incubation period. Have a question for Allen? He’ll be checking in regularly, so be sure to leave your comments and questions below. A farm wouldn’t […]

Wanna hear a chicken growl? ;)

Here you can see Bobo the broody Australorp hen proudly defend her (non-existent) eggs. Nutmeg the speckled sussex is being a busybody but probably also thought I had goodies with me. Lastly you can see Ketchup the partridge silkie hen. She is also broody and make the soft clucking noises you hear in the background. […]

Easy Self Sufficiency

Self sufficiency does not have to be hard. At times we can provide just a little input to help nature on the way and then reap the benefits. In this video see how we look forward to the latest clutch that our oldest duck, Daisy, is brooding over… and the unusual location she has chosen […]

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