Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mother and offspring

It is a common matter in village area particularly in Bangladesh that duck eggs are incubated by hens and after completion of incubation the offspring accept the hens as their mother. In this video you can see two sets of such mother and offspring from Rangpur, Bangladesh.

Raising Chicks the Natural Way with Broody Hens Part 2 of 2

This video is about how we help our broody hens sit on a clutch of eggs and then hatch out and raise the chicks. There are 2 things I left out of the narrative. The first is that not all the broody hens will do such a great all around job of sitting and then […]

How Do You Tell if Your Hen Is Broody

This is a brief description about how to tell if your chicken is broody.

Removing the Broody Hens | Farm Raised With P. Allen Smith

Subscribe for new episodes: Allen talks about how to keep egg production up by removing all of the broody hens from a particular pen. Allen also talks about where broody hens go when they get removed from the rest of the pack. Have a question for Allen? He’ll be checking in regularly, so be […]

Chicken Machine – 05 – Incubation

From the album Gallus Ex Machina. Brawwwwwk! Go to and download the album for FREE!!!

Three Broody Serama Hens have chicks

I had three serama hens go broody a week ago. I had eggs in the incubator ready to hatch. I snuck the eggs under these hens several hours before hatch time. The hens are all happy monthers because they think it only took a week to hatch them

New Born Baby Ducks

New Born baby duck, they hatched that morning. they were only hours old. They are orphans. There mom was killed. A chicken incubated them.

Chicken Dunk

Our chicken, Hermoine, is currently broody and we are trying to break her of it. One method is to dunk them in cold water.

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