Thursday, November 15, 2018

broody hen.AVI

Zorro is puffed up and broody!

Pekin Duck Hatching

A friend held the egg so I could record this Pekin duck hatching from its egg. (February 2007) I get a lot of questions in the comments from people who want to raise ducks, which I’m always happy to answer. However, if you visit you will find a lot of information that is very […]

Compact Vertical Chicken Farm Machine v1 Tutorial

A tutorial of my compact chicken farm machine that cooks chickens, collects their eggs, and sorta incubates them. It’s also just 3x5x8 now :D.

Cath on Broody Hens

Cath tells us the habits of a broody hen and the part they play in hatching hen eggs. She then talks tough when she recommends making life hell for broody hens on the occasions that there are no eggs to hatch.

The Triop Farm – Hatching Eggs

Video Part 1 of my Triop Growing Diaries. This first part will focus on the eggs, correct water type, detritus and suitable container sizes. Please subscribe to my Channel and watch out for later additions to the diaries.

duck & chickling.wmv

Orphaned duckling getting to know mama silkie & co. The first day of a wild mallards life under the feathers of a very broody hen 🙂

How to settle a Broody Hen.wmv

So you’ve got a Broody Hen? How do you move her into a broody house and get her to settle… watch and find out. This bantam successfully hatched 6 ducklings at poultrykeeper HQ!

Broody Guinea hens

My friend, Kathy, sent me this video of her broody Guinea hens after she went into the video them and see if she could get a count on the eggs.

THE MINI DOME INCUBATOR- Duck egg candling- Day 11

the duck is alive

My Broody Chicken (Ruby)

I’m trying to get my laying chicken to stop being broody . Trying new ideas , because each chicken is different. To learn more about laying Hens (chickens) that are broody , Google “what exactly is broody” , you will find an answer !!!

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