Thursday, November 15, 2018

Poultry Incubators and Hatching Eggs

$content$ Follow this link: Poultry Incubators and Hatching Eggs

hatch chicks in the microwave ! ! !

Cockatiel Assisted Hatch – DJ Feathers Aviary

Watch a baby cockatiel emerge from the egg, with a little help from a friend. This took place over an 8 hour period one evening. The baby was in trouble and couldn’t get out on its own. Assisted hatches are not ordinarily performed, and only happen when absolutely necessary. Had we not assisted in this […]


Niveau: beginner. Model: kuikentje. Maat papier: vierkant. Aantal papiertjes: 1. Website:

How to Make an International Peace Crane

My first how-to video! I hope I explained everything alright… There’s a superstition that if you can fold and collect 1000 of these cranes, you get a wish. I heard this story from my cousin: After the US bombed Japan in World War II, there was a girl who was sick from the radiation. Believing […]

Happy Folding

Stop motion origami for video productions at Susquehannock High. brought to you by Better than Cats Productions: because we’re better than cats.

Cackle Hatchery – Top Hatch Incubator Assembly Instructions This is the more advanced Top Hatch Incubator for hatching baby chicks. Check out all of our products and the hundreds of baby chicks that you can order from our website. This instructional video was created for us by Castlewood Studios http

How to make origami 3 pointed squishy star (A model that I came up with myself)

This is a 3 pointed star. This is a model I came up with my self. I used 6 pieces to make this but you can also use 8 for 4 pointed or 10 for 5 pointed. If you are using origami paper start with the white side up.

Incubating Chicken Eggs

My first attempt at incubating chicken eggs.

Broody Hen Hatch day

My broody hatches out her chicks.

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