Monday, November 19, 2018

Chicken Egg Hatching In An Incubator

Raising Chickens – Visit my blog at for chicken raising tips and info. In this video eggs have been put into an incubator to hatch. This short clip shows the progress of the eggs over their hatching period. It includes the developmental stages of the chick in the egg, aswell as showing a chick […]

Newly Hatched Chicken / Chick Hatching From Egg

Watch a baby chicken hatch from its egg. The video is about 4 min long and worth the viewing. Nature at is best. Farm life living at Reid Ranch Farm.

Hatching Chick ♥

I couldn’t resist recording it. :DI had gone to do a check up on the eggs and chicks, and noticed one of the eggs was just starting to hatch. It was amazing watching it happen in front of me! I had to keep putting the lid down though as they really do need to keep […]

a hatching chick in Korea

A hatching chick in Korea. The incubator was made by me.

Hatching chick from shell

Chick emerging from shell

#2 – Chick Hatching…One chick hatched. Second chick hatching. Eggs pipping.

One chick is running around while the second chick works on getting out of it’s shell. Note the egg at the top and far right behind the hatching chick. You will see it’s little beak poke a hole on the back right side of it’s shell!

Barred Rock Chick Hatching

This process takes a long time. It took 42 hours for all 13 to hatch. My first batch of baby chicks to hatch. Started with 19 eggs and ended with 13 chicks not bad for the first time. Cant wait to hatch more.

Chick Hatching

A chick hatching on day 21 in our incubator at home. This was our sixth chick to hatch out of the bunch.

Hatching Chick April2011 0003

killdeer hatching chick is born!

part 8 the final proces of which it crawled out of the shell eyes open we then returned it to its mother and the mother incubated it and it doesnt hurt to touch the killdeer baby im a perfesional

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