Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hatching Chick in a Hova-Bator 1583

A quick video of a hatching chick. I used a Hova-Bator model 1583. Twenty-one days and the chicks started hatching. For photos visit To purchase photos:

A Chicken Egg Hatching

A heart warming video of a chicken egg hatching in real time. Cutest little baby chicks you ever saw!

Hatching Bantam Eggs in a Diy Egg Incubator

Hatching Bantam eggs in a diy egg incubator is a fairly simple process,before you start hatching bantam eggs you need to get your diy egg incubator ready,this involves making sure it is clean and is set at the correct temperature for hatching bantam eggs which is 101 degrees fahrenheit,also add a small bowl of water […]

hatching chick

The entire process took about four hours, from the first little peck out of the shell, to the “zipping” line, to finally pushing all the way out. It’s so amazing to watch. You can hear three things – the chick in the egg peeping, some already hatched peepers in the background, and me whistling at […]