Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hatching Duck Eggs Without an Incubator

To be frank,hatching duck eggs not using incubator is not recommended. There are many reasons why. It is not only the temperature which is important in the whole method of hatching but also the control of incubation RH which is important. However, these days many people are attempting to test on some unusual ways to […]

Making a Diy Egg Incubator without a Thermostat

Making a Diy Egg Incubator without a thermostat is generally not a very good idea,A Diy Egg Incubator or in fact any egg incubator needs temperature control which is what the thermostat does and does well,without this the eggs in  your Diy egg incubator would almost certainly overheat within a few hours,even if you experimented […]